Advise to Students

Calcutta Islamia College Union, 19 August 1936

I think the Muslims will be the strongest and stablest element of the future Government of our country and if they are organized they will make an even greater contribution to the freedom of India than any other community. He advised the students not to take part in active and aggressive politics of the country but to keep abreast of what was going on in the country and the world around them.

Pakistan Resolution

Pakistan Day Message, New Dehli, 22 March 1943

"Today, the 23rd of March is a day of great significance to Muslim India. On this auspicious day, three years ago, was declared, at Lahore, for the first time authoritatively from the platform of the All India Muslim League, the final national goal of Muslim India which later on came to be known as the "Pakistan Scheme" ···." "We have embodied our goal in the famous Lahore Resolution of the All India Muslim League as the only solution of the political problem of India. It is a proposal that will bring universal peace and will uphold and ensure the maintenance of honour and glory of the various sections of the peoples inhabiting this subcontinent···.Only you have to be fully conscious of that fact and to act with courage, faith and unity".

Woman is Man’s Equal, Friend and Comrade

Jinnah Islamia College for Women, Lahore, 25 March 1940

"I have always maintained that no nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take with them their women.

No struggle can ever succeed without women ever participating side by side with men. There are two powers in the world. One is represented by the sword and the other by the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both. That is the woman.

It is woman and woman alone who can teach man how and when to use the sword or pen when the occasion arises. The Muslim League is not quite oblivious of the vital importance of taking their women with them so that they also participate in national struggle. "At Patna we appointed an All India Women’s Central Committee. During the last 15 months I have been watching their efforts, difficulties and obstacles. Notwithstanding all that, great progress has been made by the Committee.

You young ladies are more fortunate than your mothers. You are being emancipated. I don’t mean that you should copy the West. But I do mean that man must be made to understand and made to feel that woman is his equal and that woman is his friend and comrade and they together can build up homes, families and the nations."


Telegram to Prime Minister Churchill, New Dehli, 17 February 1944

"America-Zionist propaganda supported by influential quarter causes alarm, serious apprehension. Any departure from White-Paper and definite assurances given to Muslim India by Lord Linlithgow, Viceroy, on behalf His Majesty’s Government would be further act flagrant injustice to Arabs and breach of faith. Not only Muslim India but entire Muslim world would deeply resent it. Consequences fraught with gravest danger."


Address, AIML Planning Committee, Arabic College, New Dehli, 5 November 1944

"I think we can safely claim that we have organized the Musalmans fairly well politically. In the department of economics, however, we are at the zero point. I am sure your deliberations will be in the directions of awakening the commercial and industrial consciousness of the Muslim nation….” “There are some people who say that the Pakistan areas are more or less devoid of mineral resources and that economically we shall not be able to exist…. I do not accept one view or the other in its exaggerated form. All that I can say as a layman is that Pakistan will not be bankrupt, it will be a powerful state···."

Islam and Democracy

Message to editor Muslim Views, Columbo (Ceylon) on Holy Prophet’s birthday, Bombay, 5 February 1945

"Islam came in the world to establish democracy, peace and justice; to safeguard the rights of the oppressed. It brought to humanity the message of equality of the rich and the poor, of the high and the low. The Holy Prophet fought for these ideals for the major part of his life. Is it not, therefore, the duty of every Muslim, wherever he may be, to do his level best to preserve the great ideals and the glorious tradition of Islam, to fight for the equality of mankind, the achievement of man’s legitimate rights and the establishment of democracy? We in India believe that Pakistan is our legitimate demand, our birthright. We believe that it is in consonance with democratic principles and justice. We are, therefore, determined to fight for it and Inshaallah we shall win."

Work, work, work

Birthday Message, Bombay, 25 December 1945

"I thank all the Muslims of India from the bottom of my heart for their message wishing me happy returns. All I say to them is, work, work, work and work ceaselessly."

"Let us secure your thumping verdict in the forthcoming provincial elections just as we have secured for the central Assembly elections for the establishment of Pakistan.

I feel confident now that we shall sweep the polls notwithstanding all the machinations, manoeuvres and intrigues on the part of our enemies.

I therefore ask the Musalmans of India to stand united and work thoroughly as a disciplined organization. I must once again thank them all for their expression of love and good wishes on my birthday."